Abstract Guidelines

The abstract should be submitted to the Organizing Committee through the on-line submission system. The deadline is 15th of April 2022.

The official language of the conference is English.

The abstract should describe novel scientific results, related to the topics of the conference. The size of the abstract is approximately 1 page (more detailed limits will be shown during on-line submission). A figure can be additionally attached. A preview of the abstract will be generated on its submission. All accepted abstracts will be included in the book of abstracts.

All fields of the abstract have to be filled by ASCII symbols only: Latin letters, digits and simple punctuation marks are allowed.
TeX notations can be used to include formulas in the text. Enclose you formula with "$" signs (without quotes) to include the in-line equation or use the "$$" enclosing for the equation on its own line. In addition, the following TeX commands may be used in the text without enclosing:
- text formatting: \textit{}, \emph{}, \textbf{}, \underline{}, \textsuperscript{}, \textsubscript{};
- modifiers for the symbols (e.g. umlauts, emphases): \`, \', \^, \", \H, \~, \c, \k, \=, \b, \., \d, \r, \u, \v, \t{};
- special symbols: \$, \#, \%, \&, \{, \}, \i, \j, \l, \o, \aa, \AA, \dag, \degree, \textdegree, \celsius, \textless, \textgreater, \textregistered, \copyright, \texttrademark, \euro, \EUR, \pounds, \textdollar, \textasciitilde, \textnumbersign, \textpercent, \textasciicircum, \textampersand.
Text formatting commands and formulas in TeX can be included only in abstract content and image caption. Only symbol modifiers and special symbols are allowed in abstract title, list of authors, institutions, and references.
Descriptions of the commands can be found, e.g, here.