About XTOP

The first XTOP conference X-Ray Topography and High Resolution Diffraction took place in Marseille in 1992. The original topics covered were X-ray topography, double- and triple-crystal diffractometry, reflectometry and standing waves technique. Later, other topics such as small-angle scattering and a broad portfolio of imaging were added.

XTOP brings together scientists from the fields of X-ray diffractometry, reflectometry, standing waves, coherent and conventional X-ray diffraction imaging and topography, as well as X-ray absorption and phase contrast imaging. XTOP is thus one of the central scientific conference concerning methods and instrumentation in laboratory and synchrotron-based high-resolution X-ray diffraction methods, phase contrast imaging, and micro-tomography.

Previous XTOP conferences:

1992: Marseille (France)
1994: Berlin (Germany)
1996: Palermo (Italy)
1998: Durham (United Kingdom)
2000: Ustron-Jaszowiec (Poland)
2002: Aussois (France)
2004: Praha (Czech Republic)
2006: Baden-Baden (Germany)
2008: Linz (Austria)
2010: Warwick (United Kingdom)
2012: St Petersburg (Russia)
2014: Grenoble and Villard-de-Lans (France)
2016: Brno (Czech Republic)
2018: Bari (Italy)